Cellulose wheaten
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Cellulose wheaten "Alba-Fibre W-500R

Cellulose wheaten "Alba-Fibre W-500R
  • Cellulose wheaten "Alba-Fibre W-500R
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Cellulose wheaten "Alba-Fibre W-500R" - the natural vegetable fibers which are made from vegetative part of grain crops. Possesses the high moisture connecting and zhirosvyazyvayushchy ability, the termostabilna and a holodorezistentna is inert to any prescription ingredients, reduces the caloric content of products. It is used by production bakery, confectionery, the test, snacks, extrusive products, sauces and stuffings, raw smoked sausages, forcemeat, canned meat, pastes, tselnomyshechny products (in brines for a shpritsevaniye), drinks, and also dairy products (yogurts, cottage cheese desserts, glazed cheese curds, processed, fresh and imitating cheeses), it is also used when developing products for dietary and healthy food.

The recommended norm of a bookmark: 0,2 - 6,0% of mass of a ready-made product.


Name of an indicator Value of an indicator
Structure fibers
Taste and smell neutral, without smack and a smell
Color from light-beige to white
Physical and chemical indicators
Average length of fibers, micron 500
Mass fraction of protein (N*)))), % 0
Mass fraction of fat, % 0
Mass fraction of moisture, %, no more 7,0

Water absorbing ability

(of water/g)

9,0 - 11,0
Ashes, %, no more 7
PH level 5,0-7,5
Existence of GMO It is not allowed
Microbiological indicators
KMAFANM, WHICH no more 5 * 104

The mass of a product (g) in which are not allowed:

BGKP (koliforma)

Pathogenic, including salmonellas



Mold, WHICH, no more 50
The maintenance of toxic elements, mycotoxins, pesticides does not exceed the admissible levels established the SanPiN (Enc. 1, an index 1.4.3)


3 years at a temperature not higher than 20 ºС and relative humidity no more than 75%. To store in the dry dark and cool room, in original packing (free of defects). Not to subject to influence of direct sunshine. Not to allow a direct hit of moisture on a product.

PACKING: bags paper multilayered with a net weight of 10 kg.

Information is up-to-date: 17.04.2019
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