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Dry mashed potatoes (Pogar)

Dry mashed potatoes (Pogar)
  • Dry mashed potatoes (Pogar)
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Description of a product:

Dry mashed potatoes (Pogar) - are made from qualitative, mature potatoes which are sorted, washes, blanched, are peeled of a peel, are cut, cooks, mixes up with other ingredients, dry by method of valtsovy drying, are milled and fractioned.

All technological processes take place with observance of all necessary sanitary conditions.

The ready-made product keeps useful properties of natural potatoes, does not contain GMO and perfectly is entered in the concept of healthy food. Potato flakes became the ideal decision for needs of army and fleet as are a product of long storage.

Information is up-to-date: 25.04.2019
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