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Food supplement kmts dtr hv 12000

Food supplement kmts dtr hv 12000
  • Food supplement kmts dtr hv 12000
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Brand:Mikro-Technik GmbH & Co.KG
Country of manufacture:Germany

KMTs DTR HV 12000 (food supplement: carboxymethylcellulose sodium E466 salt). KMTs DTR HV 12000 - the high cleaning carboxymethylcellulose received from vegetable fibers. It is used in the food industry as thickener and the stabilizer according to the SanPiN "Hygienic requirements on application of food supplements", it is allowed for use in the Russian Federation as hydrocolloid, consistency controller, the texturator connecting the agent is the carrier of food supplements, is part of food glues and means for capsulation and tabletting.

Main functional properties:

  • has no smell and taste, it is physiologically harmless (does not make allergic and toxic impact on human body), recognized as safe food supplement;
  • it is easily dissolved in water, promotes jelling of all water solutions;
  • it is not dissolved in organic solvents, oils and fats;
  • forms viscous colloidal solution which viscosity does not change for a long time;
  • possesses moisture-holding, the steady stabilizing and connecting properties;
  • shows effect of synergism with biopolymers of the proteinaceous nature (casein, soy protein);
  • it is capable to be combined with other components of food;
  • gives the chance to receive stronger and homogeneous consistence of product;
  • gives to ready-made product resistance to low temperatures, heat and mechanical influence;
  • allows to reduce losses of moisture at heat treatment of products and in the course of the subsequent storage;
  • provides essential reduction of syneresis at storage;
  • slows down process of prosakharivaniye at storage (sbivny masses).

Use in the different food industry branches:

  • at candy manufacture (fruit jelly, cream, paste), pasta, pastries, gingerbreads, cookies rich, sugar, oat;
  • by production of bakery goods;
  • at production of the fat-and-oil industry (mayonnaise, sauces, oils, spreads, margarine);
  • when processing vegetables and fruit (vegetable caviar, ketchups, sauces, gas stations, jelly, mousses, jams, fruit stuffings);
  • by production of dairy products (cottage cheese, curds, yogurts, ice cream);
  • it is applied as the stabilizer of consistence and emulsifier, with possible replacement of phosphates in compounding in the meat-processing industry;
  • is part of food glues, it is applied as means to microencapsulation in pharmaceutics and cosmetics.

Norms of application: consistency controllers in desserts of 1-3 g/kg; ice cream, jelly of 2-8 g/kg; mayonnaise, sauces, creams and pastes of 3-8 g/kg; covers for meat, fishes, confectionery, nuts of 5-20 g/kg.

Qualitative characteristics:

Indicators: Characteristic and norm:
Appearance: powder
Smell and taste: neutral, without smack and smell
Color: from white to yellowish shade
Mass fraction of moisture: no more than 10,0%
Maintenance of KMTs (dry basis): not less than 99,5%
General saltiness: no more than 0,5%
Pokazatelt pH: 5,5-8,5
Bulk density 400-650 g/l
Viscosity (2% solution, Brookfield viscometer), not less: 12000 spz

Safety indicators
: On microbiological indicators and the maintenance of toxic elements conforms to the requirements established the SanPiN

Producer and country of origin: Mikro-Technik GmbH & Co.KG, Germany.

Packaging: Duplex paper bags with internal polypropylene insert with a net weight of 25 kg.


Storage: in the dark cool and dry room in packaging of firm manufacturer.
Expiration date: 3 years from the moment of production.
Brand:Mikro-Technik GmbH & Co.KG
Country of manufacture:Germany
Information is up-to-date: 17.04.2019
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