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Isolate of soy protein

Isolate of soy protein
  • Isolate of soy protein
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Isolate of soy protein - unmodified isolate of soy protein with solid protein content not less than 90% with the big moisture connecting ability, with neutral taste and a smell. Main advantages:

  • possesses high moisture connecting (to 1:5) and the ability emulsifying 1:3:3 (belok:zhir:voda);
  • does a product easily cut, as much as possible stabilizing a matrix of waters/fats/squirrels;
  • improves a consistence, juiciness and a trade dress of products;
  • reduces risk of formation of bouillon and fatty hypostases;
  • stabilizes and increases resistance of a farshevy emulsion to heating;
  • increases quantity of finished goods due to decrease in losses at heat treatment;
  • reduces product cost.


It is intended for application by production emulsified and coarsely cut rybo-and meat products of various categories:

  • boiled sausages, sausages, sausages of the highest, first and second grades;
  • half-smoked, cooked smoked and raw smoked sausages;
  • chopped semi-finished products (cutlets, quenelles, forcemeat, pelmeni);
  • canned meat.

Isolate of soy protein is brought in forcemeat of sausage, fish products and semi-finished products in a dry form or after hydration in the form of a proteinaceous and fatty emulsion, granules, gel.

Qualitative characteristics:

Indicators: Characteristic and norm:
Appearance: powdery, homogeneous, loose mass with existence of the separate easily scattered lumps and without foreign impurity
Smell and taste: characteristic of this type of a product, without foreign smacks and smells
Color: from light-cream to cream
Mass fraction of moisture, %, no more: 7
Mass fraction of protein, %, not less: 90
Mass fraction of fat, %, no more: 1,0
Foreign impurity: no

Safety indicators
: Microbiological indicators do not exceed the admissible norms established the SanPiN (enc. 1 Indus. The maintenance of toxic elements, mycotoxins and pesticides does not exceed the admissible levels established the SanPiN (enc. 1 Indus. 1.9.1). It is made from genetically Unmodified components!

Producer and country proiskhozhdeniya:kitay

Upakovka:mnogosloyny paper bags with the inside laminated layer, net weight of 20 kg.


Storage: in the cool dry room, separately from substances with a strong smell.
Expiration date: 12 months from the date of production.
Information is up-to-date: 17.04.2019
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