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Lecithin sunflower GIRALEC

Lecithin sunflower GIRALEC
  • Lecithin sunflower GIRALEC
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Sunflower lecithin (E-322) - dense liquid of amber-brown color. Standardized for preservation of the properties invariable on all volume. This product meets all specifications established to FAO/WHO, the EU and the Food Chemical Code. GIRALEC corresponds, according to classification of the EU and TP to the HARDWARE 029/2012 to the E-322 code. According to Resolutions of the EU 1829/2003 and 1830/2003: The raw materials and technology additives used by production of this product do not contain and do not consist of the genetically modified objects (GMO), and also are not made from GMO. The origin of the raw materials applied in production is traced, is authentically confirmed and there takes place appropriate control.

Scope. Lecithin is used as the disperse, moistening emulsifier in many foodstuff. It reduces surface intention between a phase of water and a fatty phase in an emulsion, providing finely divided drops of water. Thus, GIRALEC is used as universal emulsifier and applied in different foodstuff, such as margarine, confectionery, instant products, bakery products and many others. Addition of GIRALEC in chocolate during a konshirovaniye reduces viscosity of mix of cocoa powder, sugar and cocoa butter. Power consumption and an expense of cocoa butter are as a result cut. Influences process of crystallization of fat and prevents fatty canities.

In cocoa powder for instant products of GIRALEC covers all particles of fat powder with a thin hydrophilic film, allowing water to moisten and wash away agglomerates.

Dosage: 0,3-0,5% in chocolate, 0,5-0,8% in cocoa powder for instant products.

    Qualitative characteristics:

    Indicators: Characteristic and norm:
    Outward and consistence: dense liquid of amber-brown color
    Smell and taste: inherent to soy
    Mass fraction of moisture, % no more:
    Mass fraction of substances, not soluble in acetone, %, no more: 60
    Mass fraction of substances, not soluble in toluene, % no more: 0,3
    Acid number, mg GAME/g, no more: 35
    Color number on Gardner's scale (10% solution in toluene), no more: 13
    Peroxide number, mekv O2/kg, no more: 5
    Viscosity (on Brukfilda at 25 s), Pa*s, no more: 12
    Hydrophilic-lipophilic Balance (HLB): 3
    Fat and acid structure: C16 … 11, C18 … 6, C18:1 … 19, C18:2 … 63, C18:3 … 1
    Phospholipidic composition: PE … 6-9, PC … 13-16, PA … 1-3, PI … 11-15
    Nutrition value on 100 g of a product: carbohydrates - 5,0 g, fats - 90 g
    Energy value on 100 g of a product:: 830 kcal

    Safety indicators: HARDWARE 029/2012 TR "Safety requirement of food additives, fragrances and technology supportive applications" conforms to requirements of TR of the HARDWARE 021/2011 "About safety of food products".

    Producer and country of origin: LLC Yugmasloprodukt, Russia

    Packaging: Steel and plastic barrels with a net weight of 100 and 200 kg. Eurocubes, with a net weight of 1000 kg. 10 and 20 ton tank container.


    Storage: Period of storage of 18 months from the date of production.

    To store at a temperature from 20 to 40 s. At lower temperature it is more difficult to handle a product, in connection with increase in viscosity. In case of need the product can be warmed up quickly up to the temperature not over 60 s. It is always necessary to close a barrel after lecithin selection

    Country of manufacture:Russia
    Information is up-to-date: 07.08.2020
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